Wednesday, May 29, 2024


AnimeDou was established in July 2023 with the aim of promoting anime, a cornerstone of Japanese culture. This blog is managed by Japanese writers who are passionate about anime. Our resources include Japanese news, social media, publishers' information, among others, which we use to provide accurate information. We'll gradually expand our content to ensure we provide a uniquely Japanese interpretation of anime, including its cultural aspects.

Occasionally, we'll delve into behind-the-scenes stories and tidbits exclusive to anime aired only in Japan. We also plan to share our personal experiences of anime events around Tokyo, which the writers attend as a hobby.

Our blog name, AnimeDou, carries three meanings in Japanese. In Japanese, 'Dou' can mean 'Hall,' 'Way,' or is used to ask 'How about?'. 'Hall' is a term often used to describe temples or shrines, and this carries our aspiration to provide a wealth of knowledge about anime, much like the study halls of the Edo period. 'Way' signifies our intent to connect various pieces of knowledge about anime history and its context, offering a deeper understanding and enjoyment for our readers. Lastly, 'How about?' embodies our aim to entice readers into trying out new anime series that we recommend.

About the Author

Hello, I'm Ishii-chan, a Tokyo-based writer who loves Japanese anime and manga. Having watched anime for several decades since I was born, I'm an anime otaku who has seen nearly 1,000 series. I'm fond of diverse anime genres, including Dragon Ball, Re:Zero, Made in Abyss, and ReLife, but have a particular affinity for fantasy and Isekai reincarnation. For manga, I like One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, and Solo Leveling. I might struggle with English and use translation software, but I'm committed to creating a blog that lets readers experience the joy of Japanese anime. I hope it piques your interest in anime, even if just a little!