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Bucchigiri?! Anime – Coming January 2024 by MAPPA

Ready for a game-changer in the anime world? Look no further than “Bucchigiri?!”, a brand new anime series that’s set to create an overwhelming surge in the industry, much like its title’s meaning in Japanese – a decisive, outstanding victory.

Brought to you by none other than MAPPA, the masterminds behind hits like “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “Chainsaw Man”, “Bucchigiri?!” anime is an amalgamation of delinquent culture and the classic Arabian Nights narrative. The highly anticipated series is all set to premiere in January 2024, making it one of the must-watch anime shows of the year.

Follow the epic journey of Tomoshibi Arajin, a youth who plunges into a series of battles with formidable rivals, sparked off by a fateful reunion with his old friend, Asamine Matakara. What twists and turns await them, especially with the ominous shadow of a giant Majin looming over them? Only time will tell in this exceptional tale of camaraderie, rivalry, and unexpected encounters.

The behind-the-scenes team for the “Bucchigiri?!” anime boasts big names. Director Uchimi Hiroko, acclaimed for the “Free!” series, brings her visionary talent to the series. Complementing her work is Kishimoto Taku, the architect behind the series composition, known for his exemplary contributions to “Blue Lock” and “Haikyu!!”. The vibrant characters spring from the mind of designer Kadamita Takahiro, the artist behind “Zettai Karen Children”.

The teaser PV and visuals are already causing a buzz across the internet. A blend of exotic music, eclectic characters, and the dramatic reveal of the Majin make for an enticing watch. The visuals, with their stark, captivating imagery, further pique the curiosity of anime enthusiasts around the world.

“Bucchigiri?!” is not just an anime series. It’s an extraordinary journey into a world of unexpected alliances, powerful foes, and stirring battles. Stay tuned to witness a spectacle that’s set to redefine the norms of anime entertainment. Make sure to mark your calendars and be a part of this “Bucchigiri” experience!

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