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“Good Night World” Manga Gets Anime Adaptation on Netflix!

The manga “Good Night World” is being adapted into an anime series and will be exclusively available for streaming on Netflix starting October 12th. To kick-start the excitement, the key visuals and first promotional video (PV) have been released.

The manga “Good Night World”, serialized since 2016 on “Ura Sunday” and “Manga One”, is a compelling tale by Okabe Uru about a family and online gaming. The story grabbed attention with its intricate plot where a broken real-world family seeks solace in a virtual family within an online game, and soon the events inside the game engulf the real world, leading to unforeseen developments.

The animation for the Netflix adaptation is undertaken by studio NAZ under the direction of Katsuya Kikuchi. The cast includes Daisuke Hirose voicing Ichi/Taichiro Arima, Nobunaga Shimazaki as Aaaaa/Asuma Arima, Akio Otsuka as Shiro Arima/Kojiro Arima, and Aya Endo as Mei/Masa Arima, who represent the “Arima Family,” a virtual family in the game that is, in reality, a broken actual family.

Furthermore, star-studded names like Aoi Yuki, Ryohei Kimura, Hiroki Nanami, Kenjiro Tsuda, Rie Takahashi, and Inori Minase join the cast. The first PV offers a glimpse into the gripping story, featuring the complex entanglement of the virtual world, real-world family dynamics, and the large-scale events set in motion within the storyline.

The creator, Okabe Uru, expresses his joy, “The manga from six years ago is now an anime! This became possible thanks to your support. I am filled with gratitude.” He also hints that the show offers an alternate perspective to enjoy in our world today, where metaverse and AI are juxtaposed.

Director Katsuya Kikuchi expresses his honor in adapting such a magnificent work like “Good Night World” into animation. “In times when your heart is tired, when you want to escape from something, or when you’re troubled by your relationships, this might be a painful show to watch. But it will always offer a little salvation at the end. We worked with an excellent team to make this happen. Please watch it till the end.”



“Good Night World” is set in the immersive VR space of an MMORPG known as “Planet”. Our story revolves around a powerful group of four players, known within the game as the “Akabane Family” of the Dusk Hill. These players were both feared and revered within the Planet due to their strength, mysterious identities, and formidable reputation. However, the reality was far less ominous than the rumors suggested.

The protagonist of “Good Night World” is an avatar called “Ichi” within the Planet.
In the wake of his sister(Aya) dead in real-life,he was shut-in,so started to play the Planet.
The real-life counterpart of Ichi retreated into In the real world, a significant rift formed among his family, making his life unbearable. However, within the Planet, Ichi found solace in his online companions, the Akabane Family, who gave him the warmth and comfort of an ideal family he craved.

Yet, Ichi would later come to learn about Akabane Family is family in real world.

There was an elusive, legendary black bird monster rumored to exist within the game, Planet. This creature, long believed to be a phantom, was officially confirmed to exist by the game authorities. Moreover, they offered a substantial reward of 300 million yen in real-world currency to any player who could vanquish this beast. The announcement sparked a frenzy among players worldwide to defeat the black bird.

But this black bird was not just a rare monster with a bounty on its head. It was a formidable creature capable of exerting an unprecedented impact across the globe.

As the Akabane Family members reveal their real-life identities to each other, the terror of the black bird begins to creep into the real world…

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