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Precure All Stars F Movie-The 20th Anniversary Precure

We are thrilled to reveal exciting details about the much-anticipated 20th anniversary celebration of the Precure series, the “Precure All Stars F Movie”! Unveiling poster visuals, trailers, and the debut of a heartfelt new theme song “Ureshikute” by Ikimono Gakari.

(C)2023 映画プリキュアオールスターズF製作委員会

Breaking boundaries, Precure unites in “Precure All Stars F Movie”. The trailer and poster visuals, featuring original movie characters “Cure Supreme” and “Pooka”, promise an exciting adventure this fall.
Social media erupted with excitement as news of the movie broke, with many eager to see their favorite Precures return. “I’m so thrilled, the Precure All Stars movie is here! I’m in tears!” said one fan.

The released trailer unveils an intriguing storyline. Sora finds herself alone in an unknown world. The situation intensifies when she is attacked by a monster, but relief arrives in the form of Cure Precious and Cure Summer. In this captivating adventure, Precure from all series deepen their bond, demonstrating unity beyond series boundaries. Stay tuned for the thrilling exploits of new Precure, “Cure Supreme”, and the anxious fairy, “Pooka”!

Amid the adventure, the only guide for our heroes is a distant castle. With their newly-found companions, the journey through a mysterious world promises to be exhilarating. Don’t miss the dramatic finale, as Sora and Mashiro are separated on a cliff, Cure Supreme faces a mysterious enemy, and a series of other intense moments.
The poster visual showcases a vibrant assembly of 15 Precures, including Elle, Latte, Rabirin, Comocomo, as well as “Cure Supreme” and “Pooka”. In a colorful display, Precures from all series unite in a grand circle, creating a fun and lively visual. Watch out for Cure Sky and Cure Prism from “Hirogaru Sky! Precure”, their expressions hint at a dramatic story unfolding.

Ikimono Gakari, the artist behind the Precure 20th Anniversary Song, has also crafted the heartwarming theme song “Ureshikute” for the movie. This poignant track filled with powerful messages is sure to uplift the movie’s ending.

Handwritten messages from 18 Precure cast members have been released, expressing their joy and anticipation for the 20th anniversary movie.

Mark your calendars, “Precure All Stars F Movie” premieres on September 15.
Movie Information:
• Title: “Precure All Stars F Movie”
• Release date: September 15
• Director: Yuta Tanaka
• Script: Jin Tanaka
• Music: Erika Fukasawa

Voiced by renowned artists such as Akira Sekine, Ai Kakuma, Ayumu Murase, Aika Nanase, and Aoi Koga among others, the movie promises to be a treat for the senses.
The film features the original song “Ureshikute” by Ikimono Gakari, a composition that encapsulates the spirit of the film and adds a touch of magic to this 20th-anniversary celebration.

Check out the opening theme song “For “F””, written by Kumiko Aoki, composed and arranged by Izumi Mori.The “Precure All Stars F Movie” is a work of Izumi Todo, produced by the Precure All Stars F Movie Production Committee. Don’t miss out on this celebration of 20 years of Precure!

Pretty Cure Series Official Portal / 20th Anniversary Special Page

(C) 2023 Precure All Stars F Movie Production Committee

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